Slow Moving Picture Show

by Kitchen Sink

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The name "Kitchen Sink" is inspired by the film movement popular in 1960's Britain called "Kitchen Sink Realism." Masterpieces such as Kes and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner are brilliant, because of their simplicity. Not to say my music is anywhere near as transcendent as those films, but I wanted to use the idea of simplicity and funnel it towards music. So Kitchen Sink is a project founded on the idea of getting rid of the cumbersome aspects in music. In excluding drums and limiting the arrangements, I wanted to achieve an intimacy that is so often lost with a traditional rock and roll set up.

Most of these songs were written over a year ago, so they feel outdated to me, but hopefully they don't feel that way to you. They are deeply personal, yet in a more indirect capacity.

I hope you enjoy the music of Kitchen Sink.

Thank you,


released January 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Kitchen Sink Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Where Nothing Remains
I heard your body was a temple
But inside mine you'll find no praying monks or reclining Buddha
But beneath my skin, you'll uncover a reservoir
One that, an oil man could never breach

Valueless, but you perforated it perfectly without even a drill
It was more than a simple surface strike
Once the substance was exalted it became unstoppable
It spewed sputtering shiny silver on lovers, loved ones, strangers and you
The strangers showered in it, the lovers and loved ones lied in it
But you, you absorbed every single drop of it
Until, you began to glow
I was whole, I was full of holes

You were the light I was meant to follow
Now I'm divided going from Nirvana into limbo
Dragging your drill to other desirable deserts
Don't forget about the land you left empty
How I long to be drained again
But tell me who wants to buy land

Where nothing remains
Track Name: Jazz Bands
Jazz bands play bebop in the background
In front of me your shoes begin to tap
Click clack, don't worry I'll always play your sap
to and fro, spinning front to back

Please don't leave

How would you like it if we sat out in the rain
And the drops dripping from the sky would blend into the tears on your face
I stick my hand into the mud
To prove to you how quickly handprints
Wash away

Wherever his hands were mine take up twice the space
Princesses aren't as perfect as you want them to be
Fragments go missing, but get reformed in different shapes
Your mirror is broken, but your reflection shines perfectly

So pretty
Track Name: Yi Yi
When I saw your white underwear
I felt like the earth
Participating in its first rotation

You were a creature of the sea
While I swam in kitchen sinks
Now I want to show you what you've never seen

Gracefully perched on the white board
Reminiscent of gargoyles on gothic ledges
Not knowing how to swim I jumped in
I thought I was dead, but only a little wet

Sometimes I stare at the back
of people's heads
Long enough, that I forget their faces
So could you do me a favor?

Can you turn around?
Track Name: Hospital Sheets
Lay me lightly on a stretcher
Forget to strap my limbs in
Let them swing let them sway
I'm pressed I'm pure like a hospital sheet

Fold me like origami
Press your fingers along my crease
Reach the corners and freeze
i'm pressed I'm pure like a hospital sheet

Let some air in the ambulance
Don't let the angels in
Don't my father in if you can find him
One in a million chance
Black blood dripping down your bare legs
I want to be a white screen
With no movies projected on me
I want to be a blank slate
That makes people think oh god what is she thinking
I want to pretend
That no one is me
I'm not a bird
I'm not a bee
There is no story
I'm pressed
I'm pure
Like a hospital sheet